About the MUI

The Musicians’ Union of Ireland (MUI), an affiliate of SIPTU,  represents musicians from every genre along with music teachers, singers and other music professionals.

The Union works hard to protect members, whether freelance or directly employed, from exploitation and has a successful track record of ensuring that members receive all contractual entitlements arising from their performances.

Through our membership of the International Federation of Musicians (FIM) the Union plays an important part in advancing, promoting and protecting the rights of musicians in a global marketplace in the digital age. In this context, the Union is developing positive working relationships with all of the relevant stakeholders including the collecting societies.

As a founding member of the Association of Artists’ Representative Organisations (AARO) the MUI has joined forces with a number of other bodies representative of Writers, Directors, Actors, Composers, Visual Artists and others in pursuit of the right of all artists to collectively negotiate terms and conditions, the right to Social Protection, the right to share in the economic life of the work artists create and the right to representation on all of the relevant arts bodies in this country.

As an affiliate of SIPTU, the MUI benefits directly from the expertise, experience and drive of the country’s largest trade union in pursuit of Fairness at Work & Justice in Society.