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Dear Member

In the first instance I want to say thank you for all of your feedback and for sending in your queries to us. We are receiving a lot of questions about rights and entitlements associated with the new Covid-19 income support scheme so, in order to assist as many people as possible, here are some Q & A examples and some useful links to other pieces of information.

The employment subsidy applies to those who had been engaged in PAYE work but the illness and unemployment payments applies to both PAYE and self-employed workers. If you are in receipts of a state pension and you also work you may not qualify but you if your work has been cancelled because of Covid-19 you should apply anyway (with evidence of the cancelled work) and the Department will make a decision on that.

Q – I was engaged as PAYE but only had a few days’ work before it was stood down. What are my options?
A – The Income support Scheme is confined to employees who were on the employer’s payroll as at 29 February 2020, and for whom a payroll submission has already been made to Revenue in the period from 1 February 2020 to 15 March 2020. If you don’t meet this criteria then you will not be eligible for the income support scheme. However it you can get a letter from the employer confirming that they intended to engage you for a further identified period then you may be eligible for the Covid-19 unemployment payment. If you can’t get in touch with them, contact us again with the name of the employer and we will make representations to them on your behalf in this regard

Q – I was due to take up work and was contacted a few days beforehand and told not to report on the due date . Where does this leave me with regard to financial support to workers affected by Covid-19 crisis?  
A – In these circumstance I would also suggest that you get a letter from the employer confirming that they intended to engage you but could not because of Covid-19 then you may be eligible for the Covid-19 unemployment payment but you will not be eligible for the wage subsidy scheme. This payment can be claimed by employees and self-employed workers.

Q – I was due to start on a job but my engagement was cancelled because of Covid-19 before I could start. As such I have now no contract (or a cancelled contract) with the company and am not on their payroll system.
A – The answer to this is the same as above, get a letter from the employer confirming that they intended to engage you but could not because of Covid-19 then you may be eligible for the Covid-19 unemployment payment but you will not be eligible for the wage subsidy scheme. If you can’t get in touch with them, contact us again and we will make representations to the employer on your behalf in this regard.

Q – I was doing a one person gig which has now been put on hold due to Covid-19. Am I eligible for any of the Covid-19 payments?
A – You may be eligible for the Covid-19 unemployment payment if you can show evidence that your show was cancelled/deferred due to Covid-19 so you should make the application.

Q – What is the tax situation with the €410 wage subsidy?
A – This is a non-taxable payment. PAYE, PRSI and USC will not be applicable to the €410 or to any top up any employer may provide where they have the revenue to do so.

Q – How long will these new Covid-19 payments last for?
A – The employment subsidy scheme will remain in place for 12 weeks and the Covid-19 unemployment and illness payments remain in place for 6 weeks. Thereafter for unemployment/illness people will revert to the normal social protection payments unless the Government extends the scheme. This link will give you some more specific information about a variety of other situations:

Q – How can I claim for dependants?
A – If you have one adult and one or more dependent children you should claim a Jobseeker’s Payment instead of the Covid-19 Pandemic Payment because you can claim an additional allowance for your adult dependant and child dependants, which will bring your weekly payment to in excess of the €350 weekly payment due under the emergency Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment. Information on this can be accessed here:

For more information on other supports such as rent, utilities, mortgages, travel, immigration click the link here:

I hope this information was helpful to you and link to claim forms can be found on the MUI Website at

Please keep sending in any further questions, information or feedback you may have.

Graham Macken

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