Musicians Union of Ireland backs call for Irish music quota on radio stations

The Musicians Union of Ireland (MUI) has voiced its support for a Bill which will be debated in the Dáil this evening (Wednesday, 14th December) which seeks to set a minimum quota for the amount of music produced by Irish artists to be played on radio stations.

MUI Organiser, Graham Macken, said: “The Bill proposed by Labour TD Willie Penrose seeks to amend the Broadcasting Act 2009, so that a minimum quota of airtime is allotted by stations for the broadcast of Irish music of all genres.

“Other countries, including France, Canada and South Africa, have successfully introduced national music quotas on their broadcasters and our members believe there is no reason that Ireland, with its rich musical tradition, cannot do likewise.”

He added: “The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has introduced a recommendation that a percentage of Irish music has to be played on Irish radio but that edict has been ignored and it is clear a legal basis for such a quota is needed. Members of MUI, which is an affiliate of SIPTU, will work with all parties and politicians who wish to assist in making this proposal a reality.”